White Eyeliner Look

My new favorite trick this summer was to play around with white or nude eyeliner.  I know it sounds scary and it can be unless you use it in the right way.   This summer I used white eyeliner mostly to give my eyes a fresh dewy look that went great with my summer tan and a bright lipstick.

Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 5.58.45 PM

Time to Wake up the eyes!

1-  Get a smudgy white or nude eyeliner that can be easily blended.  My favorite is Dior white pencil liner.

2-  After placing concealer/eye-base on your eye- take the liner and smudge some in the corners of your eyes, line the tops and finally smudge a little bit on the bottom inner corner of your eye.

3- Take your finger or a blending brush and gently blend the white/nude pencil into your eye-base and lightly smudge the bottom corner. ( Tip: You don’t want to see a white line! So make sure the liner is nicely blended to make the eye area brighter. )

5- Take your favorite mascara and coat your upper lashes for a more natural look.  If you want your eyes to pop even more add black or brown liner and presto – Wake up eyes!


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