Shape Brows With A Spoon

People are always wondering why I have spoon in my toolbelt, and I tell them that the spoon is an essential tool that should be in everyone’s makeup kit!  Here’s why:

The natural arch of a spoon matches perfectly to the ideal shape of an eyebrow.


When placing a spoon with the tip in the eye corner against the nose,  the edge of the spoon becomes the perfect stencil to shape the eyebrow. You can use this stencil in two ways.

1.     Use the arch of the spoon as a stencil to tweeze and shape your eyebrow.

  • Place the spoon tip in the corner of your eye pressed up against your nose.
  • Trace the edge of the spoon with an eyebrow- or eye liner pencil so you can see the line.
  • Now tweeze or pluck any hairs bellow that line and Presto! You have perfectly shaped brows!

2.     Use the arch of the spoon to stencil, fill in or even-out your brows with an eyebrow pencil/powder.

  • Place the spoon tip in the corner of your eye pressed up against your nose.
  • Use the edge of the spoon as a guide line to fill in your brow with an eyebrow pencil or powder.
  • Make sure that when you fill in the brow you try to mimic actual eyebrow hairs with your pencil- by starting at a point (following the edge of the spoon)  and draw upwards in small strokes to make it look like individual hair.  After, brush with unused eyelash wand and Presto you now have a perfectly filled in brow!

The spoon is especially helpful for those of you who are aging and have thinner brow lines.  Use the spoon as a guide and you will achieve fuller brows that are an essential element in framing the face and creating a youthful look.

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