No Smudge Mascara

How many times have I heard “Do you know of a mascara that doesn’t smudge?”.  This seems to be a problem that plagues almost every woman.  Often even the most expensive mascaras can lead to those pesky black smudges under the eyes.  However, over the years I have discovered a few fabulous mascaras that create a great lash and don’t leave black smudge marks.  Here are a few of my favorite mascaras!


DIOR SHOW MASCARA: Original- not waterproof. $27.00

Hands down this is my go to mascara, it is a bit on the pricy side, but is well worth it!  The secret is in the extra big brush, which will create a very soft, lush and full looking lash without smudging.


This MAC mascara can create a very dark and dramatic lash.  The mascara formula actually sets on your lashes so it can hold curl really well, but it can be difficult to build up as the formula is quite wet and you must work quickly before it sets.  Once the formula is set it stays put until you remove it.  You will need a good quality eye makeup remover to wash it off.


Blinc mascara actually creates “tubes” around individual lashes instead of painting them on- like most mascara.  This will create a more natural, fuller lash and is very easy to remove. If you tend to have oily or “greasy” eyes then this is the product for you!


If you want a waterproof mascara that doesn’t smudge then this product is perfect.  The formula is especially great in the summer months when humidity and heat can cause perspiration.  Like all waterproof mascaras the formula is a bit thicker so it may feel a bit heavy when applied. Therefore, it is best to wipe excess formula on a tissue or the edge of the bottle before applying. You will need a good quality eye makeup remover to wash it off.

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