The Perfect Red Lipstick for Fair Skin Tones

How to choose the best red lipstick for your skin tone.

Finding that perfect red lipstick can feel like a daunting task. There are always so many colors and shades to choose from. Finding that perfect red completely depends on your coloring, skin tone, color of your eyes and hair. So to get you started in the quest for the perfect red, here is a great color guide that pairs different shades of red with fair skin tones.

Fair Skin Tone: 

Fair skin tones are perhaps the easiest to pair with red lipstick, because of the high contrast. However, due to the contrast, it is very important to pair the lipstick with flawless even skin.

Cherry red: Cherry reds are bright reds that have a bit of blue in them. Because of the blue undertone, cherry reds are super high contrast and will add a fun pop to your makeup.

Coral reds: Reds with pink and peach tones mixed are wonderful on fair skin tones, especially in the spring and summer months.

Cranberry reds: Cranberry reds, warm up fair skin and can create a very sophisticated look, they are also great for the fall and winter seasons.

Dark Wine reds: Darker wine reds can be very stricking on fair skin people. However, it is important not to pick a red wine color with too much brown in the shade or a brick tone, as this can age you.

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