Recreating Beauty Series! Spring 2016

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Maggie Cappelletti (founder of Clubelle) and I (Astrid, founder of twindly) are doing a series collaboration projects where we take a prominent look from a beauty brand and recreate it ourselves. The aim is to showcase how the looks would differ for different skin tones and face types. We were curious on how far we could do it without the fancy equipment, and supermodel looks.

True, we are not newbies, Maggie is a professional makeup artist and I am a self confessed beauty junkie. We do have a decent photography equipment (a tripod, Canon EOS 700D & Olympus EM-10). Plus, lots and lots of creativity and fun spirits!

To start the project, we chose three looks representing the Spring 2016 collection from major brands. For us, Spring colors are one of the most challenging color schemes, usually because it’s so pastel and cool (opposite-warm cool, that is). That’s usually not the most flattering colors on us. On that note, we chose some not-so-common color schemes for spring as well and have a bit of everything. Intrigued? Let’s go!



Maggie, some of the products we used, and me!


  1. The makeup was done by ourselves. I did my own on the Giorgio Armani look (step by step on that here), and Maggie being the makeup artist took over on doing the makeup for the next two looks – Givenchy and Chanel :).
  2. We used mostly products from our beauty stash (yes, we have a lot  ) with the occasional purchase here and there.
  3. We are a two women show, with our cameras and tripod, in our apartment.
  4. All the props are from our collections and creativity (as you can see later  )

We chose three looks from twindly’s Spring 2016 roundup post, each different enough, and edgy enough for spring.



Giorgio Armani came up with an unusual color scheme for Spring. Sepia. It caught our eyes because it’s just such a pretty color and one of the most flattering color on many skintones.




It is as flattering on Maggie



As on me


And it’s flattering even with our hair down.

JPEG image-6F206671E3C4-1

We’re totally sold! For a step by step tutorial on how I did it, look at Giorgio Armani Spring 2016 Look Tutorial.



The Givenchy look is the epitome of spring looks. Baby blue, baby pink, ethereal spring goddess vibe. On a medium dark skintone, this one will not be easy to pull off.

On Maggie, the color scheme still looks really nice on camera, especially with her blue eyes. But on me, it’s just plain silly.

And the posing was so awkward on the both of us.

I’m going to spare you the pain from looking at single pictures of us, and go directly to the casual shoot on this.

JPEG image-0F1EC9E63F4A-1

Which turned out to be so nice! It has a freshness and youthful vibe to it. Like a spring bud coming out of winter hibernation.



The third look we picked in Chanel Spring 2016. It has a very vivid color scheme. Reminded me more of a hot summer than a warming spring.


The colors are promising on its own, and it looks really pretty on the shoot. Here is a close up on Maggie


And a closeup on me

I’m completely aware on how my skintones looked different on each picture. We relied more on the natural light and by the end of the shoot, it gets darker. Hopefully we’ll get some good light source the next time we are doing this!

Casual posing with this look does not turn out so well, mostly because it looks just so dramatic! Hence we just go full on with it and show you how we actually got the last few shots done!

Fun with the fan


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