Perfect Red Lipstick for Dark Skin Tones

How to choose the best red lipstick for your skin tone.

Finding that perfect red lipstick can feel like a daunting task. There are always so many colors and shades to choose from. Finding that perfect red completely depends on your coloring, skin tone, color of your eyes and hair. So to get you started in the quest for the perfect red, here is a great color guide that pairs different shades of red with dark skin tones.

Dark Skin Tones:

Darker skin tones can wear reds that are both playful and sexy.  Often times darker skin tone ladies can have a bit of uneven coloring on or around the lips. Therefore it is important to fully commit to the bold lipstick color, by prepping lips first with a moisturizer then even out color with foundation or concealor.  As with all lipstick looks it is important to pair the look with flawless even skin and a little pop of color on the cheeks!

Tangerine Red: Tangerine Reds can add a wonderful sexy contrast to the skin, and are especially nice during the spring and summer seasons.

Maroon Red: Darker reds that have blue undertones are very flattering for darker skin tones.

Raspberry Red: Reds that have a nice blend of pink and purple in the shade will pop against dark complexions. This color is especially great for the spring and summer seasons!

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