Dior Metallic Eyes Look

The colored metallic eye is a super popular look that dominated the 2014 fall and winter runways. This look was especially popular in the Dior Runway show , so here is a small guide on how to recreate this fun and sexy Dior look!

Important note, in order to keep this look clean, you should start with the eye makeup first before applying any other makeup. This look requires strong colored shadow, which often gets messy around the eye area.  So to avoid looking like a panda, it is important to clean and shape the shadow with makeup remover after applying it.


Colored Metallic Eyes.

1, Prep the Skin: Apply facial moisturizer and eye concealer.

2, Line the Upper Lash Line: Take either a pencil liner or gel liner and draw a line across the upper lash line. Go back in and smudge the liner in between the lashes for a more dramatic effect.

3, Color: Take your desired color (this does not have to be a metallic color), and start applying the shadow over the liner and upwards to just above the crease. For this look it is important to create even color, so start with a small amount of eye shadow and gradually build up the color to your desired strength. Don’t worry if the eye shadow becomes messy.

4, Add Metallic: If your colored eye shadow is not already metallic then simply take a metallic or shimmer shade and apply it on top of the original eye shadow color.

5, Clean up: Now it’s time to perfectly shape your eye shadow, take a cotton bud or cotton ball and saturate it with eye makeup remover. Start shaping the eye shadow by removing all excess shadow below the eye, blow the brow bone and create your desired shape.

7, Finishing touches: If you want to add some light back into your eyes, then add a touch of lighter shadow in the inner corner of your eye. If you want a softer looking shadow and not a hard edge, then take a blush or bronzer and blend the color around the outer edges of the metallic eye shadow with a soft eye shadow brush.

10, Big Lashes: For big lashes, make sure you curl lashes first and then add multiple coats of black mascara to the top lashes. For extra drama add a small amount of mascara on the bottom lashes.

 Make sure to balance the drama of this look by pairing it with neutral makeup!


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