Long Lasting Lipstick Technique

A bold lipstick look is the perfect accessory for a big event or a night out. So how do you get your lipstick to last all night long? You have to commit to the color! Here is a guide to help you create the perfect long lasting lip look, so you can be fully committed to your fabulous look!

1, Prep Lips: Lightly scrub away dry, dull skin cells on your lips by gently rubbing a damp washcloth or toothbrush along the surface of your lips.

2, Moisturize: Dab a non-petroleum based lip moisturizer on lips to add needed moisture after the previous exfoliation in step 1.

3, Remove Excess Moisture: Blot with a tissue to remove any excess moisturizer.

4, Create A Blank Canvas: With a brush or fingertip blend a light concealer or foundation over the lips. This will create a “blank canvas” so that your lips will match the true color of your lip product.

5, Line Lips: Use a sharpened, lip liner and trace the outside of your lips and blend it inwards to fill lips. It is important to blend the lip liner, or you will create an obvious line around your lips.

6, Apply Lipstick: Lipstick is the easiest to apply with a lip brush, but you can always use the actual lipstick tube or your fingers. Make sure to open your mouth in order to get the lipstick into the inner corners.

7, Set Lipstick: Take a tissue and blot to get off any excess lipstick. Next take a new tissue and place it over the lips, apply a loose or pressed translucent powder through the tissue by pressing the powder into the tissue over your lips. The tissue gives a finer coverage of powder going through to the lips so that you aren’t removing the lip color — you’re just matting it down and setting it in place.

8, Final Touches: Apply a final layer of lipstick to give a long lasting glossy finish!

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