Hyaluronic Acid the Miracle Anti Aging Ingrediant

Practically every skin care cream contains some form of hyaluronic acid. Over the years as a makeup artist and skin care professional, clients continuously ask me: what is this miracle ingredient and did it actually work? So here are the facts that every woman should know about hyaluronic acid and how it works to reverse signs of aging.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that keeps skin looking young by plumping the skin up with moisture. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body and is produced in large concentration when we are young. Unfortunately, after the age of 40 we decrease the production of hyaluronic acid and signs of aging become worse.

Many skin care creams contain hyaluronic acid, however, because the particles are so big it cannot be absorbed. Therefore, hyaluronic acid sits on the surface of the skin and cannot produce any of those wonderful benefits that it promises.

However, there is a magical ingredient that can break down hyaluronic acid into small enough particles that it can be absorbed into the skin. This wonderful ingredient is called phytessence wakame, commonly known as sea kelp.


So before you flash the cash on an expensive skin care product with hyaluronic acid, make sure it contains sea kelp!

With these two ingredients present you will start to see some amazing changes in your skin. Here are a few of my favorite skin care products that contain sea kelp and hyaluronic acid!


Xtend Life Restorative Night Cream: $ 38.75



Xtend Life Age Defense Active Day Cream : 36.75 $



Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate: 60.00 $



Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate: 50.00 $



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