Honey and Egg Facial Mask

Here is one of my favorite home recipes that is easy to use and will help add essential vitamins back into your skin.
This mask is great for clogged pores, redness, dryness and overly sun exposed skin, that you can make it using items straight from your refrigerator!



•    Take one egg and separate the egg yolk from the egg
whites, throw the yolk away and place egg whites in a bowl.
•    Take 2 large spoonful of organic honey and add them to the egg whites.
•    Mix the honey and the egg whites well until it is
completely blended.


•    Apply to face concentrating the mixture around the nose, cheeks and forehead.
•    After mask is completely dry wash with warm water and finish with a strong moisturizer.

How this masks works is purely organic, eggs are full of nutrients that are great for the skin and as the egg whites dry they tighten and suck out any bad oil and dirt from your pores.  Overall, egg whites tighten pores, reduce redness and bumps, reduce acne, brighten the skin and help balance oil.  Organic Honey also adds great nutrients to the skin, softens and moisturizes and best of all has natural antibacterial properties to help fight acne and any bacteria in pores.


Like all skin care, home recipes are easy to use and effective if applied consistently.

By incorporating any natural home recipes into your skin care routine, not only will you be saving yourself money, you will also improve your summer skin so you can look your best for any season.  Facial treatments no longer begin and end with creams.

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