At Home Facial

Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a facial, but couldn’t pay the hefty price tag? Here is a simple and affordable way to recreate a facial right in your kitchen!

Tea Pot Facial:

boiling kettle

Step 1, Clean skin with your favorite cleanser and gently exfoliate with either an exfoliator or with a warm washcloth.
Step 2, Gather your ingredients:
    -Distilled Water.
    -Herbs or Herbal oils, such as lavender, chamomile, rose, tea tree oil, joba joba oil, rosehip oil and grapeseed oil.  ( you can still do the facial if you do not have any of these herbs-herbal oils). 
    – Clean bath towel.
Step 3, Create the Steam: place the distilled water, herbs or oils into a large pot or teapot and bring it to a boil.
Step 4, Remove the teapot off the stove, find a comfortable sitting position and place your head over the steam. To maximize the steam, drape a towel loosely over your head and over the teapot. Sit for 5 to 10 minutes.  Try not to overheat your face by sitting too close to the teapot for too long! 
Step 5, After the steam to maximize results apply a toner or hydration mask and heavy face moisturizer.
You can do an at home facial once a week, especially those of you who are more acne prone.  The steam will help open your pores and clear out any bacteria, dirt, and stimulate your blood circulation to help replenish and heal damaged skin cells.

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