Halo Eye Look

The halo eye is by far one of my favorite dramatic eye looks. It is the easiest dramatic eye to create and extremely versatile – allowing you to do this look for both day and night.


How to Create a Halo eye Look:
  1. Step one is to prep your skin.  Start by applying facial cream, primer and an eye primer if your eyes tend to be oily. DO NOT apply your foundation, concealer and everything else, because this eye look is messy and there will be a lot of clean up after applying the eye shadow.
  2. Choose one focus color to create the “halo” look. Popular colors are nudes, brown shades, metallic or you could do a pop of color in purple, or teal!
  3. Next take the color and apply it all over the eyelid, starting from the eyelash line to just above the eye crease. Tip: use a wide or big eye shadow brush to get an even application of shadow.
  4. Add a dark eyeliner (plum, black, chocolate brown) on the upper inner lid, underneath the lash line– or create an extremely fine line on top of the lash line.


For the bottom lash detail of the “halo” look it is quite important to pay attention to how your eyes are shaped.

For Small eyes: make the focus shadow line under your eyes thicker at the outer corner and thinner at the inner corner.

For Medium eyes: make the focus shadow line under your eye thick and smudgy.

For Large eyes: make the focus shadow line under your eye thin and small.

After applying all the shadow take a small cotton ball and wipe away excess shadow around your eye with eye makeup remover.

Finish with a dab of concealer in the corner of your eye and move onto your foundation, blush and lip color -end with extra dark mascara

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