What Are Freckles and How Do They Occur?

When we come into this world have clear skin and are freckle free. So what are freckles and why do some people develop these tiny brown spots, while others do not?


What is a freckle?

Freckles are a group of skin cells that have clumped together and formed a spot that is slightly darker than the rest of your skin. They are darker in color as a result from excess melanin or pigment from sun.

Why do freckles occur?


It turns out that freckles occur due to a combination of genetics and sun exposure. Scientists and Dermatologists agree that sun sensitivity is a genetic trait that is passed on through family genetics. So if you have freckles then most likely other members of your family have them too!

Skin Type.

Skin type is again a genetic trait shared through family, but certain skin types develop more freckles than others. For example, fair skin types, people with light colored eyes and blond or red hair are most likely to develop freckles with sun exposure.

Sun Exposure:

Exposure to the sun will also cause freckles to appear, multiple and darken. Having a lot of freckles is a physical sign that your skin has been exposed to too much UV Rays and that your body is trying to repair your skin.

Freckles are not dangerous, but if you have a lot of freckles make sure too protect yourself with a high SPF sunscreen and regular visits to the dermatologist.

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