How to Create “False” Looking Lashes.

Every woman I know wants big, voluminous and long lashes! Great “false” looking lashes are the final accessory for a glamorous night out or that extra pop in your day look.  To create false looking lashes there are a few tricks I’ve found that really work from my experience working backstage in the beauty industry.

First of all, never underestimate the power of an eyelash curler!

mark-Make-Me-Lash-Eyelash-CurlerEven the most inexpensive eyelash curlers can add amazing length and curl to the shortest of lashes when used correctly.

The first trick is to heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer.

Just like a curling iron, adding some heat to your eyelash curler will give you a stronger curl that lasts longer.  However, DO NOT over heat your eyelash curler so that it becomes extremely hot and burns to the touch.  ALWAYS feel how hot the eyelash curler is first with a finger before using it on your eye.   If the blow dryer seems too risky for you, then rub the eyelash curler in-between your hands for a few minutes to get it warmed up.


Now after you’ve heated up your eyelash curler try curling your lashes like this:

•    Apply your eyelash curler to the base of your lashes and press gently, increasing in pressure slightly. Hold for about 10 seconds.
•    Next, hold your eyelash curler mid-lash, and press ever so gently for a few seconds.
•    Lastly, aim your eyelash curler at the very tips of your eyelash, and hold for a few seconds – this last curl really ‘pops’ your eyelashes out.

If the eyelash curler seems like too much work for you then this next trick is for you.

Find a translucent powder, or any type of extra fine face powder and use it to add extra volume for your lashes like this:

•    Take a big eye shadow brush and gather powder- try not to overload the brush with too much powder.
•    Next close your eye and gently tap the eye shadow brush over your eyelashes so that the powder starts to gather on your eyelashes, but be careful not to get the powder in your eye.
•    Now take your mascara and wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and move upwards.  Do this for a few strokes till you get your desired lash.

With these backstage eyelash tricks you can achieve the bold eyelashes you’ve always wanted!

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