Exfoliation Tips

Exfoliation is key in getting rid of dirt and dead skin which expand the pores by clogging them and gives a healthy glow that all of us are looking for. One of the most important parts to exfoliating is making sure that your using the right type of exfoliate.

Often people make the mistake of using an exfoliater with course particles like sand or sea salt for the face. These types of products are great for the body, but harm the skin on the face and in fact send more oil to the skin to repair the damage. The type of product you want to look for is one with particles that are bead like, small as grains of baking soda, or opt for a natural semi course sea sponge. These products actually lift out the grime and dead skin without damaging the skin.


I recommend exfoliating at least 3 times a week for aging, oily and combination skin, if you have dry skin exfoliate lightly every day. Another important aspect is to exfoliate correctly:

  • Take a small amount of product and gently massage it upwards into the skin in a small circular motion with your index finger.
  • If you’re using a sea sponge, place a dollop of your cleanser onto a wet sea sponge and lightly massage into the face in upward circular motions.
  • Make sure not to pull the skin, but gently work the dirt and dead skin out- especially in creases around the nose and wrinkles.
  • Rinse thoroughly by splashing water over the face and finish with your favorite face moisturizer.

Lastly always exfoliate at night, because this is when your skin goes into overdrive to repair itself, thus giving you the best benefits in the morning.

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