How To Make Your Own Under Eye Corrector

Do you have super dark circles that wont disappear even after you apply concealer? If this is the case, then you need an under eye corrector! Learn how to make a quick and easy under eye corrector using the makeup products you have at home and say goodbye to dark circles forever!

First, what is a corrector and how is it different from a concealer?

Under eye corrector is a type of concealer that neutralizes very dark circles by canceling out the darker color with its opposite color. For example if your dark circles appear blue then you want to apply a corrector in an orange or peach shade, because orange is the opposite of blue. This will neutralize the blue color and in effect erase the under eye circles. A corrector works best and looks the most natural when foundation is applied over top of it. 

beauty and make-up: foundation product with brush

How to make your own corrector: 

1, Gather Materials:

Grab your normal concealer or foundation and based on the dark circles color guide below, grab a pink, orange, or yellowish lipstick, cream blush, or lip gloss (make sure the product does not contain any shimmer).

2, Mix:

1 part concealer or foundation to 1 part colored product, mix until both products are well blended.

3, Correct:

Dab and pat your new corrector under your eyes and cover dark circles.

4, Wait:

Let the makeup set for 1 minute, before applying anything over top. 

5, Finish:

Apply preferred foundation over top and say goodbye to under eye circles!

Under Eye Corrector Color Guide: Concealer palette for under-eye circles, blemishes

Yellow: Counteracts deep purple tones such as dark circles or scarring; pale yellow works well to highlight brows and cheekbones but it must be pale, not gold.

Pink: Neutralizes a blue cast on lighter skin tones; can enliven very pale skin. 

Orange / Peach: Neutralizes blue to deep purple or grayish tones on darker skin tones.

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