How To Cure Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused from a number of reasons, the number one being that they are inherited.  They can also be caused from allergies, aging skin around the eyes, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors like smoking, stress and excessive drinking.

However, you can do something about it!

What can you do to cure dark circles?
  1. Don’t smoke.
  2. Always apply a sunscreen around the eye area. Smoking and exposure to UV rays both weaken collagen and cause premature wrinkling and sagging.
  3. Apply an eye moisturizing cream to the under eye area nightly.
  4. Add a prescription retinoic acid — Vitamin A cream that goes by the generic name tretrinion, or creams with caffeine can help by constricting the underlying blood vessels and brighten dark circles.
  5. If your dark circles are truly severe- look into IPL or intense pulse light treatment, which destroys the pigment cells that create dark circles and smooth out the under eye skin.

For quick fixes you can use corrector and concealer.  Choose a corrector with a bright peach or pink tone to counteract the dark pigment under the eyes.  On top of the corrector apply concealer that matches your skin tone. If you have mild discoloration, pick a liquid formula. If your shadows are more prominent, go for more coverage with a cream or cake concealer. Lightly pat the concealer on from the inner corner of your eye to just past the outer corner.


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