How to Contour with Powder

Contouring with powder is much easier and faster than contouring with foundation. Remember having a large high quality brushes to apply the contouring products is key in creating a natural look.
Contouring with Powder in 6 easy Steps.

1, Choose your highlight and Contour Color: When choosing a contouring shade, you want to stick with matt powders that are in dark cool tones. Remember you are trying to create a shadow, so unless you are very tan stay away from Bronzer. For a highlighter color, you want to choose a brighter luminizing shade, but again don’t pick a shade that has too much shimmer; otherwise you will look very unnatural.

2, Prep the Skin: For a longer lasting look, remember to prep the skin with a light moisturizing cream and facial primer.

3, Create the base: Apply your normal concealer and foundation. Add a little blush to the apples of your cheeks if you want an extra pink glow to your look.

4, Apply the Contouring Shade: With a high quality clean brush apply the darker shade:

  • Under the neck.
  • Under the check bones.
  • Along the upper hairline.

5, Apply Highlighter shade: With a high quality clean brush, apply the highlighter shade:

  • Along the top of your cheekbones
  • Down the bridge of your nose
  • Under the eyebrows
  • Along the jaw line.

6, Set and Correct: After applying the contour and highlighting shades, make sure everything looks even and natural. If not, then go back in with your normal foundation color and correct.

 Finish this look with the rest of your desired makeup look!

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