How to Contour with Foundation

Contouring, is a major weapon in any makeup artist tool kit. Recently it has become a very popular technique that women everywhere are trying to master.

Why is contouring so popular? When done correctly it can “shed” pounds off the face and create a beautiful supermodel red carpet look. Contouring is a play between light and dark, which creates the illusion of shadows and highlights. There are two different ways to contour, the first with foundation in the second with powder.

How to Contour with Foundation in 6 Steps.

1, Choose your highlighter and Contour Color: For the highlighter, choose a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your normal foundation color. For the contour shade, choose a color that is significantly darker ( at least 5 shades) than your normal foundation color. Don’t be to scared to go dark with the contour shade, remember with this shade you are creating the illusion of shadows.

2, Prep the Skin: For a longer lasting look, remember to prep the skin with a light moisturizing cream and face primer.


3, Draw the Contour: With your foundation brush, brush on the dark contour:

  • Under the neck.
  • Under the check bones.
  • Along the sides of the nose.
  • Along the upper hairline.

4, Create Light: With a clean foundation brush, apply the highlighter shade:

  • Under the eyes and out towards the ears – along the tops of the cheekbones.
  • Down the bridge of the nose.
  • Along the jaw line.
  • In-between the eyebrows and out towards the forehead.

5, Blend: You can blend with a clean foundation brush, but I think a large fluffy kabuki brush tends to work best. Take a very small amount of your normal foundation and dab it on the brush, then working from the sides of your cheek bones, blend the contour and highlighter together working through every section. If you are using a kabuki brush, use small light circles to blend everything evenly.

6, Set and Correct: After blending together the contour and highlighting shades, make sure everything looks even and natural. If not, then go back in with your normal foundation color and correct. When finished, set the contour look with a bit of translucent powder.

Finish this look with a bit of blush and the rest of your desired makeup look!

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