How to choose a Lipstick

How do I choose a lipstick color? Here are a few basic tips to help guide you the next time you are faced with a wall of gorgeous lipstick shades!

If you’re having a hard time choosing lipstick colors, I recommend that you first find a color that is closest to your natural lip color.


Once you have found your natural lip color, look at lipstick shades that are a few shades darker, lighter or brighter. This is a guaranteed method of finding a range of great shades to try out for every day and evening use. If you enjoy using lip-gloss, you can apply this same method when trying to choose a gloss color as well.

Now that you’ve found the right color lets go into how you should apply the color.

If you want your lipstick to wear throughout the day then purchase the matching lip liner or nude lip liner. Lip liner is like a primer for your lips; it not only helps to define the shape, but also can act like glue for your lipstick.

•    Start by taking the lip liner and fill in your entire lip, (if you have thinner lips, make sure you create a
curved bow shape for your upper lip).
•    After applying the lip liner take a lip brush and evenly apply your lipstick.
•    After applying the lipstick take a tissue and blot your lips
Finish with one last coat of lipstick applied with a lip brush.

Remeber to take your lip liner and lipstick with you where ever you go if you need to reapply any touch ups! 


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