Cat Eyeliner Look

The Cat Liner look is a makeup classic that is fun, sexy and goes well with just about any makeup pairing! Here are some tips to help you create that perfect Cat Eye look!

Beautiful model applying eyeliner closeup on eye

1, Prep the Eye Area: Gently apply eye moisturizer around the eye area and eye concealer or your desired eye shadow.

2, Measure and Mark: To get even looking winged liner, take your eyeliner and place a dot where you want the winged tail of the eyeliner to end. Look in the mirror and place a dot on the other eye and make sure both dots look even. This will help guide your liner when creating the small winged tip at the end.

3, A Steady Hand: It is best to line eyes with a steady hand!  Hold the eyeliner like you would a pencil, then bring it up to your face and try to rest your pinky, middle and index finger on your cheek.  Now try applying the liner while stabilizing your hand with the three fingers against your cheek. This should make applying the liner easier, but practice makes perfect.

4, Line Eyes:  Line the eye in sections, by making small dashes from the inner corner towards the outer corner.  Then slowly start connecting the dashes until you get your desired line. For the winged tip, draw the liner out and up towards the dot you previously made in step 2.

 For hooded eyes, pull your eyelid up gently by pushing your eyebrow up so you can line your eyes easier.

5, Clean and Shape: Take a cotton bud with makeup remover and clean away any mistakes. You can also clean up the winged tip of your eyeliner to make the tip thinner or more angled.

6, Big Lashes: Curl lashes and then apply multiple coats of your favorite mascara to finish the look!

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