Best way to apply and choose blush

Choosing the right blush is similar to choosing the right foundation, everyone is unique due to their specific coloring.


The easiest way to learn your natural blush color is to make your hand into a tight fist, squeeze hard and release it.  The flush color your hand turns is the color you want to choose for a natural looking blush. If you are not satisfied with this color then you can always stick to the basic colors of peach, coral and rose.

For a natural looking blush you want to apply it with a big fat blush brush!  

Apply blush in a light circular motion starting from the top of your cheekbone (just below the corner of your eye) and down towards the apple of your cheek. For an extra pop apply a little extra blush in the apples of your cheek in circular motion. Remember to tap off, or gently blow off extra pigment on your blush brush before you apply it to your face for more even blush coverage.
Remember that natural looking blush can act as a tool to sculpt the face and bring out your best features!



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