How to Apply Foundation

Choosing the right foundation color is an essential part to achieve flawless looking skin, however, the way you apply foundation is just as important!  Often women make the biggest mistake by applying foundation over every corner of their face, which can create a “mask” look.

Foundation is meant to create even skin by only covering the red and uneven areas of the face.

70a75bbc86f0af48_girl-applying-foundation.xxxlarge_1Here is my step-by-step guide on how to apply foundation in order to create natural, flawless looking skin!

1, Make sure to start with a Clean and moisturized face, and if you prefer apply a foundation primer.

2, Next take your concealer/corrector and with your finger gently press concealer/corrector into any dark creases underneath the eye, try to avoid covering puffy eye bags!  Also don’t forget to cover any blemishes.

3, Now apply the foundation starting from the middle of your face  around the nose area and outwards. Typically you want your foundation on your T zone, meaning your forehead, cheeks, tip of your nose and chin, but nowhere near your jaw and hairline ( unless the skin is uneven). Again, do not cover the entire face, your goal is to achieve an even skin with as little product as possible.

4, After you have applied your foundation examine the look of the foundation and smooth out any unevenness with your fingers or sponge.

Tip: Finish off the look with powder and carry blotting papers for any extra oil that creeps up over the day!

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