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Learn how to change the look and feel of your skin with the personal skin care consultation! 

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Do you want to improve the quality of your skin, but don’t know where to start? With the personal skincare consultation you can discuss all your skincare concerns and learn the best steps to take in order to achieve your skincare goals.

What will you learn? 

With the Personal Skin Care Consultation you will get a skin analysis to help you better understand some of the changes happening in your skin.  You will work with your advisor to create a step by step plan to help prevent, correct, and change the look and feel of your skin.  

With the Personal Skin Care Consultation you will:

  • Discuss major skin care concerns, products and techniques you are currently using.
  • Discuss the climate that you live in, whether you are exposed to the sun frequently etc.
  • Discuss personal budget for skin care products.
  • Discuss amount of time you have for skincare routine.
  • Based on your skin care discussion, your advisor will help you build a skin care plan with product recommendations and techniques to help improve your skin.
  • Additional tips, DIY skin care recipes and other recommendations.
Lesson Duration: 1 hour

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