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Take the next step towards achieving your beauty goals with a personal makeup consultation! 

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Discuss different looks you’re curious about, get help with specific makeup questions and guidance on looks and products that work for you.  





What will you learn? 

The personal makeup consultation is great for women who are just getting started on their beauty journey and are looking for the first step to take.  During this lesson you can get advice on different makeup looks that will flatter your facial features, focus on a specific technique like shaping eyebrows, have your advisor analyze your makeup skill level, or outline lessons and techniques to help you achieve your beauty goal.

With the Makeup Consultation you will:

  • Discuss your personal beauty goal and how you envision your makeup.
  • Discuss areas of makeup that are difficult for you, ie- choosing the right colors, blending eyeshadows, liquid liner etc.
  • Discuss your schedule and how much time you realistically have to put on makeup.
  • Get guidance on your makeup skill level, and steps towards improving it.
  • Get guidance on different looks that flatter your facial features.
  • Get suggestions and guidance about specific makeup questions and products.
  • Get makeup lesson suggestions, and plan steps to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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