Makeup Bag Rescue

Learn how to use the products you already have at home or in your makeup bag!

make up bag with cosmeticsEver wonder if you’re wearing the right lipstick color? Or if you’re getting the most out of your favorite eye shadow palette? Discover new ways of using the products you already have with the makeup bag lesson!

What will you learn? 

With the makeup bag rescue lesson you will get a professional analysis of the makeup products you already have at home!  Learn which products are good or bad for your individual coloring, different ways to use your products and product recommendations.     

With the Makeup Bag Lesson you will:

  • Go over your favorite products in your makeup bag with your advisor.
  • Learn new techniques and looks that you can create with the makeup you already have.
  • Get product recommendations.
  • Learn what products should be purged from your makeup bag, because they are not flattering for your coloring or have expired etc.
  • Basic lesson on how to maintain your makeup products and brushes.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour

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