Define your features and feel gorgeous in every picture by learning how to contour! 

facial contouring. Woman with a different shades of foundation oContouring is a very important makeup technique that professional makeup artists use to help define facial features.  With the correct products, tools and techniques contouring can help transform your look! 



What will you learn? 

With the contouring lesson, you will learn the best contouring techniques for your skill level and time. Your advisor will also recommend different contouring products that are easy to use and in colors that will work best for your skin tone.  

With the Contouring Lesson you will:

  • Discuss when you should use contouring.
  • Learn what highlighting color works for your skin tone.
  • Learn what shading color works for your skin tone.
  • Learn what brushes/tools are needed and how to use them.
  • Learn what specific areas you should contour for your face shape.
  • Learn different blending techniques so your contouring looks natural.
  • Product recommendations.
  • Learn how to make your contour long lasting.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour

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