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Maggie Cappelletti

Founder and Chief Beauty Advisor

Maggie Cappelletti was introduced to the world of beauty when she became a regional makeup artist for Christian Dior in Chicago, USA.  Her experience at Dior opened the door for a dynamic and global career in the world of beauty, art, runway fashion and makeup coaching.

As many of Maggie’s clients will attest, it’s her warm heart, calm demeanor and ability to emphasize the natural beauty in every face that has truly won the hearts of her clientele over the years. She sees sculpture and art in every woman that sits in her chair.

Her vision in creating Clubelle, was to create an online beauty coaching platform that gave women the opportunity to feel beautiful anytime and anywhere.  Where women could get personalized expert beauty advice and makeup coaching conveniently at home or on the go.


Past Job History

  • Cappelletti Studio, Istanbul Turkey an Berlin Germany, Founder and Chief beauty consultant, Cappelletti Studio offers premium makeup services, makeup classes, and makeup workshops for the every day women.
  • Wedding Makeup and Hair for premium Clients, in world wide destinations such as Istanbul Turkey, Bodrum Turkey, Playa Del Carmin Mexico, Berlin Germany, London UK, New York City USA, Chicago USA, and many more.
  • Christian Dior, regional makeup artist in the USA city of Chicago for 3+ years.  Working with top US runway artists, upcoming fashion designers and photographers.
  • TV and Film Clients: Audi Journal, Stylebook Network, 24/25 TV Film Productions.
  • Magazine and Print publications: Hurriyet Turkey, Kadinlarasi, Yeni Anne Magazine- where a monthly beauty column titled “Cappelletti Studio” was featured from 2010 to 2011.
  • Photographer and Art Collaborations: Global fashion photographer Michelle Wang,  Designer Andrea Conrady, Global artist Renata Kudlacek.

My Favorite Projects

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